Update on ACR’s work to Help Malnourished Children in Haiti

We have gotten word from our partners in Haiti that I’m excited to share.

A Child’s Refuge is meeting critical needs of children in Haiti. In the past few months, we have been able to include three additional therapeutic food products, RUTF, ReSoMal and Zincfant, in addition to the F-75 Therapeutic Milk we provide to a rural clinic in the mountains of Haiti. Our help is making the difference between life and death for precious children who are truly the least of these we serve!

The following children were served in the clinic in October 2013. Each of them is suffering from a severe form of malnutrition called Kwashiorkor, and all received Therapeutic F-75 Milk to kick start their recovery process. It was provided by A Child’s Refuge thanks to our generous donors’ support.



The day Jackenson (left photo) was admitted to the rescue clinic, he had a bit of fish to eat; the day before that he had some corn.   Though he is nearly five years old, Jackenson weighs only 21 pounds. This is his third time with Kwashiorkor. He is able to stand and walk with some assistance. To start treatment, he was given F-75 Therapeutic Milk before being administered a fortified peanut butter product.  Precious Jaffenalie (above right photo) is three years old and weighs 30 pounds. After one of her sibling recently died from the effects of Kwashiorkor, her family carried her down mountain paths (about a six-hour trek) to seek help for her. Her family lives in a one-room home made of dirt, rocks and tin. She has been swollen with kwashiork for for over a month now.  Jaffenalie was started on the F-75 milk and is making progress to heal.


This is precious Dachley. She is six years old and weighed 45 pounds when admitted.  When admitted, she was swollen from Kwashiorkor, a common side effect of this form of malnutrition.  The swelling can cause painful cracking of the skin as visible on Dachley’s legs in the photo (left). This is her 3rd time to suffer with it; the last time was just one month ago.   Dachley was started on the F-75 Therapeutic milk and then graduated to the fortified peanut butter product. She is making good progress now.

I am in regular contact with our partner clinic, and A Child’s Refuge remains ready to provide additional quantities of the F-75 milk when supplies run low. Additionally, we have sent the following new products to Haiti at the request of our partners. We will provide updates as soon as we get word of their use in the clinic.I hope you can see that our efforts to provide F-75 Therapeutic Milk to children in Haiti has been making a difference. It is providing the initial help for the severely ill, and it is also helping dozens of precious ones to strengthen their bodies to be able to take in solid foods and fortified peanut butter. We are helping children to recover more quickly from their suffering due to severe malnutrition.

RUTF (a ready-to-use food product that requires no preparation) provides 100% of the energy, fatty acids, protein, and micronutrient requirements of infants and children from 6 months old to five years old. It is energy and nutrient dense, important because malnutrition shrinks the stomach. This product was designed for rapid weight gain, so that the body can rebuild and be able to handle normal foods.  We have also provided ReSoMal, a powder oral rehydration solution (ORS) exclusively for people suffering from severe acute malnutrition, and ZinCfant, a zinc sulphate tablet used in cases of acute diarrhea in young children which is also prevalent in the clinic’s patient population.

026-640x427I hope you can see how much our partnership is resulting in life-saving help for severely ill children. ACR is able to get highly specialized products to treat the most severely malnourished children all the way to a tiny mountain village in Haiti thanks to our friends and donors.

We appreciate your support and dedication to the children of Haiti.
Best regards,

Kristie Fry
Executive Director