New Help for Haiti’s Most Severely Malnourished Children

ACR is pleased to announce our partnership with Nutriset, a developer and manufacturer of nutritional products for the world’s most severely ill children. We have acquired two specialty products to help the most severely, acute malnourished children at a mountain clinic in Haiti.

Severe Acute Diarrhea–Unpleasant topic, but a deeply troubling reality

Did you know that diarrhea affects 2.5 billion children and causes the death of 2.7 million people? For children under the age of five, diarrhea is the second highest cause of death after pneumonia. In the developed world, we can run to the drug store and get an inexpensive over-the-counter remedy for this uncomfortable problem. But for the poorest of the poor of the world, diarrhea is a deadly problem. And the children of Haiti are very severely susceptible given it is often associated with malnutrition, and it can be both a cause and a consequence. Zincfant

That is why we need your help to provide ZinCfant® tablets to the severely malnourished children of Haiti. ZinCfant® reduces the duration and severity of diarrhea attacks and prevents its return for three months following treatment. You and ACR can help to save the lives of the most susceptible little ones.

Severe Acute Malnutrition–The most at-risk children need our help

We can also provide resomal-bigReSoMal® to help children suffering from severe, acute malnutrition. Seriously malnourished children often suffer from a deficiency of potassium and various other mineral deficiencies, as well as from an abnormally high level of sodium. To begin to heal, they need this specific oral rehydration solution containing less sodium, more potassium and more magnesium, zinc and copper. That sounds very technical, and it is. But it is simply a therapeutic, nutritional product that gets children back to health more quickly and effectively. Once we learned about the opportunity to provide this product to the most needy in Haiti, we made it happen because ACR cares deeply for the poorest of the poor and the weakest of the weak where we serve.

Will you consider joining us? We need your help to get more help to the needy.

  • For a gift of $25, you can ensure treatment for three children suffering from severe, acute diarrhea, and/or,
  • For a gift of $25, you can ensure the treatment of four children suffering from severe, acute malnutrition in need of oral hydration, or
  • A gift of $50 will supply both products for about four of the most desperately ill little ones.

Thank you for your support and prayer. With the addition of ZinCfant® and ReSoMal®, we will be helping to increase the level of care for the most severely ill children of Haiti. We are thankful for the opportunity to respond to the call.

All donations to ACR are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ACR is entirely volunteer run and our actual overhead is less than 1%. That means we are blessed to assure that all donations go directly to helping the least.

Any funds received in excess of a project’s budget will go toward other current projects.