Desperate Family Needs Help for Rent

invoice-blackedI had gone home to meet up with Ronita, one of our board members, to give her the check to pay the rent for the homeless couple we helped recently. ACR has no overhead (literally less than 1%) which allows us to assure that all donations go directly toward helping the most needy. To make that possible, I do the work of ACR from an office in my home.

Ronita and I were delayed as we talked and prayed. We were again witnesses to God’s amazing mercy and provision for the least (through ACR and our friends). After we parted, I got in the car to head to my paid job. I stopped at the first intersection just one house away and noticed a car driving very slowly through it. Strange, I thought. The driver then waved, parked his car in the intersection, got out and called out, “Miss Kristie!”  It was a Haitian client, one we have helped in various ways — such as going with his wife (who doesn’t yet speak English) to register their kids for school and after school programs. We’ve looked for jobs for him, and helped him fill out countless applications online. We’ve prayed together. We have brought food, basic furniture and even bed sheets. When I think of all the marginalized friends I am privileged to know, I regard this friend and his family to be among the very least.

I found him frantic that day as I left my home. “Miss Kristie, I got laid off!” He said he had been driving around trying to find my home. Somehow, he had hope that we would not turn him away. I hope it doesn’t sound like boasting, but we really couldn’t and wouldn’t. Our motivation (and my own motivation) is love for the least. And often times, our motivation is better spoken as ‘love for the friends we serve.’

My friend handed me a notice from his landlord. He was already one month behind in rent and had a new month (and new owner/landlord) to pay. I assured him ACR would help. He also wanted desperately to know where to find a job. I had nothing to share but I promised to call whenever I saw a posting. Cars had to navigate around his and I had to go, so I gave this friend a hug and told him not to worry about the rent. I told him ACR was his friend, too. And then I drove back to work marvelling at the coincidence (or not) that he would even have found me. He was lost and searching, and I happened to drive up at just the right time and place. And I prayed for him and his family. So much struggle–round and round on the poverty cycle with no way out.

THE NEED: Attached is the invoice from the rental company for the month of March for $650. If you can help us help this family to pay their rent and avoid eviction, please visit our giving page.

All donations to ACR are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ACR is entirely volunteer run and our actual overhead is less than 1%. That means we are blessed to assure that all donations go directly to helping the least.

Any funds received in excess of a project’s budget will go toward other current projects.