Therapeutic Milk on its way to Haiti for the most critically malnourished children

November 3, 2012

A Child’s Refuge is privileged to announce our first partnership in Haiti.  We have had the opportunity to answer a call from Real Hope for Haiti (in Cazale, Haiti) to help them find Therapeutic F-75 milk. This product will be used to help rehabilitate the most severly malnourished children RHFH admits to their Rescue Center. According to their director, Licia Betor, some children are admitted to care too ill to give them the therapeutic food they currently have in stock–Medika Mamba, a protein-fortified product resembling peanut butter.

There are only three manufacturers of Therapeutic Milk in the world–one in Germany, France and the USA. After contacting all three, ACR was able to establish an account with Challenge Dairy in California which had product available. A pallet is now on its way to RHFH’s warehouse in Minnesota, and it will soon be hand-carried by batches to RHFH in Cazale.

Read more about caring for severely malnourished children here. Also, we will update this page as we learn how the product is working at this vital clinic and rescue center in Haiti. We thank God for the love RHFH gives through life-saving help.

If you would like to give to help A Child’s Refuge provide additional quantities of Therapeutic Milk to RHFH and other vital clinics, please visit our giving page. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Love God! Love Others!

For the children,

Kristie Fry, Executive Director