Just Love List – Local

October 9, 2012

Hi friends,

A little love has proven to go a long way, especially when we join forces. Sometimes, a little bit of time and care is all that is needed to help a marginalized friend with real needs. So, here I bring you the first Just Love List. A play on words, but certainly not folly. Love is just and merciful. And if we just love a little, we do bless others. ACR can connect you with these service opportunities and others right here in the Chambersburg area.

Driving lessons:Three Haitian friends (women) have cars and permits, but don’t know how to drive. They need licenses to be able to get to jobs in order to take care of their infant children. It requires only some time and kindness. (Thanks, Justin!)

Tutoring: There is opportunity to help teach English to marginalized, diverse populations. This is not grammar nor the English class of your school days. We have much fun in this interactive, loving service to unlikely friends.

Curtains: Yes, that’s right. A Haitian migrant family has just settled in Chambersburg; the wife and children survived the Haitian earthquake of January 2010 and recently immigrated to the U.S. to join their husband/father. Their rental in an older home in the borough has many windows, and they’re already cold. They are seeking curtains (or fabric or blankets or…) to hang on the windows to help keep the cold out. If you’d like to love on them in this unique way, opportunity awaits.

If you would like to Just Love a little, please just let us know.


Kristie Fry, Executive Director