ACR has launched

October 8, 2012

Dear friends,

I am excited to be launching a new charity close to my heart. A Child’s Refuge is the culmination of the past several years of my life’s story. It began with the adoption of my three beautiful children from Haiti. They had been relinquished for adoption due solely to extreme poverty; their mother was unable to feed her children. It is also the result of my quest to take seriously the words of Jesus Christ; He said it’s most important to love God and to love others. As I’ve purposed to simply love, I’ve been entrusted to love many. And now my dream of being able to do more has come to fruition with the launch of A Child’s Refuge (ACR), a non-profit charity.

My passion for loving others is twofold—the least of these on our doorsteps and the poorest of the poor in Haiti. As you may know, God has led me to love on many unlikely neighbors right here where we live. From the Haitian community who calls me “mom” to the precious students of the Agape English Program I founded at King Street Church, I am privileged to love on many marginalized friends. How can one look away when people don’t have enough food to eat? Or when a young mom runs out of formula for her infant? Or when rent cannot be paid and a family faces eviction? I just can’t. Many friends have answered my calls for help in loving on the least, and I thank God for each of you. You’ve graciously helped others in dire need without thought of a tax deduction, but that has changed. ACR exists to help the most marginalized right here…and beyond.

God allowed me to visit Haiti with my family this past summer, and I again saw firsthand the suffering of the Western Hemisphere’s most poor. ACR also exists to meet basic needs of survival in Haiti. How can we look away when people are starving, when they don’t have clean drinking water, are homeless, without an education, and in desperate need of medical care? I invite you to read the attached report from my visit to learn more about the needs in Haiti and the partnerships ACR has made. You may also read about a new literacy program ACR has developed for illiterate teens and adults in a small village high in the mountains of Haiti.

Not unlike the other ways God has opened doors for me to love others, I have witnessed the miraculous ways people have stepped in to guide the legal and administrative processes in setting up a charity. ACR has also been blessed with a truly wonderful Board of Directors who share the vision and demonstrate a deep love for others. With ACR’s launch, we are blessed to have the opportunity to do more in loving others less fortunate. I invite you to support us in loving the most marginalized here and in Haiti.

We can now accept donations of any amount and provide tax deductible receipts to the extent as allowed by law. Your donation can be sent to:

A Child’s Refuge
233 Pine Drive
Fayetteville, PA 17222

In closing, I know our true success will be measured by how well we love the most needy and marginalized people where we serve for the glory of God. Explore our website at


Kristie Fry, Executive Director
A Child’s Refuge